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On behalf of the City of Lawrenceville and the good people of Lawrence County Illinois, Welcome to the City of Lawrenceville Website.

Lawrence County is in the heart of a ten-state region and central to most of the major metropolitan areas of the midwest. It is in the center of ten automobile assembly plants for one-day “Just-In-Time” delivery and within easy driving distance of Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Princeton, Cincinnati, Nashville, Louisville, Georgetown, Lexington, Little Rock, Kansas City and Milwaukee. The City of Lawrenceville is located 45 miles from the new Toyota pickup assembly plant in Princeton, IN. Location in Lawrence County improves access to markets, reduces travel time, reduces transportation costs, facilitates communication and enables companies in the region to provide better service to their customers.

The Toyota Boshoku door and seat plant is located less than one mile west of Lawrenceville. It has nearly 1200 employees and is usually hiring.

HIGHWAY SERVICES: The highway system contains 810 miles of major and local highways. The major highways serving the area are U.S. Route 50 which extends coast to coast and Illinois Route 1 which feeds directly into the Chicago area. Route 50 also links up with Interstate 57 to the west and U.S. 41 (a four-lane highway) to the east and the new Route 69 (a four lane highway) from Texas to Canada. Route 1 also links up with Interstate 70 to the north and Interstate 64 to the south. Both Route 50 and Route 1 have been approved and included in the National Highway System Act. There are eleven major trucking firms in the area.

AIRPORT COMPLEX: The 3,000 acre Mid-American Air Center is the 3rd largest airport in the state of Illinois. There are two 5,200 foot, hard surfaced runways. It also includes a 160 acre industrial park, the 43 acre Foreign Trade Zone #146 and a terminal building with office space to accommodate the administration personnel and tenants. There are seven hangars owned by the Bi-State Authority which are leased to several firms involved in aircraft repair and charter service. Acreage is currently available with the complex for industrial development.